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Malaysia Airlines Melbourne Office

Malaysia Airlines Melbourne Office

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Get the total contact information and details which includes baggage (lost & damaged), operating hours, holidays, airport (check in), city office, flights (alerts, tickets & reservations) and cargo infos.

MH Airlines Melbourne Australia City Office


Level 2, 136 Exhibition Street
Melbourne 3000

Phone Number (Admin): + 61 3 9279 9999

Fax Number: + 61 3 9654 6742

Reservations: 1326 27

Ticketing: + 61 3 9279 9997

Traffic: + 61 3 9338 8197

Cargo: + 61 3 9335 6334


  1. jayant dagore and anna maria d'annibale says:

    i rang few times to contact mr.sheeba .r.paul at your office and also spoke to the girl in malaysia air lines office in malaysia who told me that an e maol will be sent to mr.sheeba to contact me on my mb.0401968412 as soon as possible in regards to have a problem getting full refund from malaysian air lines as promised by mr.sheeba.
    could you please give us a call and discuss the issue.

  2. Devika Raheja says:

    I am travelling to Mumbai with my family on a one way ticket as due to unforeseen circumstances we could not go ahead with our P.R. Visa. Since we are winding up our stay here, we have quite a bit of baggage with us. My baggage allowance on the ticket is 30 kgs per head. I request you to kindly enhance the allowance ( when I came fom Mumbai in July 2012 I was permitted to carry 40 kgs)I will appreciate any extra allowance that you can give me. My Booking no. is 59339.

  3. John Fernandes c/o 61424424441 says:

    Have been calling from Bendig In vain In order to pre-date my departure
    Mel-Mum from March 9th to Feb 24th morning flight.
    could you pls tell me the charges payable to change departure from mach 9th to February 24th 2014 Malaysian airlines Melbourne – Mumbai

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