Singapore Airlines Fleet & Aircrafts

Singapore Airlines Fleet Information & Aircrafts Singapore Airlines is the airline flag of Singapore, having its principal base of operations at the Changi International Airport has a presence in the markets of the South, Southeast and East Asia as well as different routes between Oceania and Europe, in addition to...
Saudi Arabian Airlines Fleet Information & Details

Saudi Arabian Airlines Fleet & Aircraft

Saudi Arabian Airlines Fleet Size, Aircraft & Planes Saudi Arabian Airlines or Saudia will still invest in state-of-the-art planes from significant manufacturers on the globe to improve its fleet, after performing extensive research on the airline’s specifications from various types and sizes of aircraft, according to Saudia’s operation method for...
ABX Air Fleet - Boeing 767-200

ABX Air Fleet

ABX Air Fleet & Airplanes ABX Air Boeing 767-200 ABX Air Airline has 39 airplanes of Boeing 767-200 according to January, 2012. It is the original model and entered service with United Airlines in 1982. The type's competitors included the Airbus A300 and A310. The 767-200 ceased production in the...