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Malaysia Airlines Sydney Office

Malaysia Airlines Sydney Office

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MH Airlines Sydney, Australia Ticket Office


Sydney International Airport
3rd Floor, International Terminal
Pier C, MASCOT NSW 2000

Phone Number: 1326 27 (for reservations and ticketing)

Fax #: +61 2 9693 5516

MH Airlines Sydney, Australia City/Regional Office


Level 7, 16 Spring Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Phone Number: +61 2 9364 3500 (admin)

Fax No: +61 2 9251 9149


  1. hello i booked a return ticket from malaysia back in october 2012 .but im still waiting on a refund.can you help me.i booked though harvey world travel at umina beach nsw.they have been great in helping me but still no reply on whats happening from yous.from paul.

  2. My below letter to Malaysia Airlines today should suffice to let you all know about their shabby service.

    26th Feb 2014

    The Manager, Malaysia Airlines, Sydney International Airport, 3rd Floor, International Terminal, Pier C, MASCOT NSW 2000
    Sub : Mum’s mistreatment Mumbai to Sydney on 8th Dec.


    Please find attached 4 pages of this horrific issue being raised first with your Facebook team, from where we were directed to send the email to your customer services team and a couple of weeks later ………asked to send the same mail to your social media team.

    It’s a shame that there has been no response from any of the above teams other than the mail acknowledging the receipt of the mail.

    Due to gross negligence on your airline’s behalf and third rate customer service my mum was relegated to her bed all of the short 3 months visit she made out to see us instead of having a good time. She had a bit of pain in her knee before and that’s the reason the wheelchair was booked for her and my aunt who suffers from the same ailment. But she was never relegated to a bed and was going about her business. We have had all tests and Xrays done and its come out that due to the extra stress of all that walking she was made to endure at Kuala Lumpur and Sydney airports when you did not provide her with wheelchair assistance and will have to get an operation done as she has gone past the threshold of medicines and rest. All due to no fault of hers.

    Added to that your pathetic airline has not even bothered to respond to my numerous mails and follow ups from January that I have been sending out. Now she is so scared to travel that she wants me to accompany her (leaving all the innumerable responsibilities of the small business that I run) all the way to drop her off. She refuses to travel otherwise and her visa expires on 8th March.

    Great work

    Alwyn M

  3. I was made a booking for the Malaysia airline , but I have to flight from Sydney to Cambodia by the 18/09/14 in 2 more month. Then now I just saw the bad new for the air crash and also I would like to cancel my flight for the Malaysia airline. When u have Receive my SMS can u contact me by 0401517038 or 0469 295 935. My reason is I travel with my 3 kids so now I’m very scare I want to Chang to Singapore airline but if I cancel my flight I have Receive money back or not ? . can u please contact me as soon as possible ? Thank u very much my agency name ( Asian travel ) at Cabramatta john street

  4. Dear Malaysia Airlines

    As my tickets are cancelled by my Agent Pricebeat Travel, Parramatta NSW, due to suspension of flights by the Airlines from Brisbane. When I booked my tickets on 07/04/2014, I paid $1820.00. Due to medical condition the tickets were made open for 1 year. I re-booked my tickets by paying $896 (fare difference, taxes and penalty) on 5/5/2015 to fly from Brisbane on 20/09/2015.
    The Agent Pricebeat Travel do not like to refund my money. Now the case is in NSW, Tribunal Court. In the hearing on 08/10/2015 the consultant of the Pricebeat Travel has told the court, that he (Mr Yogesh Sharma) can refund only $1820 and not any amount out of fare difference, taxes and penalty charges of $896.00. My case is not a normal, in this case circumstances are extremely extraordinary, when airlines stopped flying from Brisbane and suspended all flights.
    I am to submit your reply to the court in this extreme situation, about charges of $896. The time is short. Kindly send me your reply at the earliest, as I, an applicant is to advise the Tribunal in writing immediately.
    I shall be grateful to you.
    Pawan Kumar Gupta
    Mobile 0422887734
    Home 0266284410
    E Ticket 232-4823770724

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