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Singapore Airlines China Offices and Benefits

Positive Aspects of Traveling from Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines aircraft travel, enjoy a comfortable, beautiful stewardess always softly to remind passengers to drink some drinks, food provided by Singapore Airlines, is the most satisfying May Air Arab food, and fine glutinous rice balls, traditional snacks, absolutely critical to meet the tastes of the Chinese people, eat, the machine is provided for each passenger an electronic screen, full dozens of channels, you can watch movies, catch series, you can also play games, drink aromatic coffee, take a look at the romantic “Pretty Woman” to the destination at once. Of course, the Singapore Airlines ticket prices compared to other airlines, but also more expensive, such as May’s tour A joint ticket: Beijing – Singapore – Bali – Singapore – Beijing, Single Tickets: 13600 RMB (including airport tax), non-ordinary tourists can accept.

Now, Singapore Airlines every day, at 2 classes from Beijing, 4 classes a day from Shanghai, 1 class per day from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, from three classes per week, three classes per week from Nanjing to Singapore. These flights can be quickly and easily that day onward from Singapore to Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, West Asia, Africa and Europe and many other destinations. Route network in 33 countries and 58 cities. All flights departing from China, each seat is equipped with a “KrisWorld” personal entertainment system, with more than 200 different types of programs to choose from. Guests can watch television, play games, listen to music, so easily through the journey. Singapore Airlines on flights from China are equipped with Chinese nationality stewardess, in order to better passenger service to China

Singapore Airlines passengers, especially for the Chinese to provide the following services:

  • Round-trip flights in China are equipped with Chinese nationality stewardess, in order to better service for Chinese passengers. Other flight attendants and passengers can communicate with the Chinese.
  • Round-trip flights to China on Chinese food options are available to passengers.
  • Inflight entertainment system “KrisWorld”, the latest monthly Chinese films and seven Chinese subtitles and the latest blockbusters for foreign passengers to enjoy, and to provide the Chinese system operation guide.
  • Singapore’s Changi Airport has a dedicated customer service counter Chinese staff providing advice and assistance to passengers.

Singapore Fashion Aspect:

Air Aspect 1: flight attendants, “fashion show”

Natural beauty of the flight attendants are the way air travel is undoubtedly the most “fresh” things to watch for, in addition to warm smile, gentle temperament, “people rely on clothes,” the saying on them is reflected most vividly. Today, the stewardess uniform “fashion” trend, already aroused the close attention of airlines. In many countries, Singapore Airlines flight attendants is undoubtedly the most recognizable global aviation industry’s image.

In 1993, Singapore Airlines flight attendants settled in London, “Madame Tussauds”, Harvard Business School and was praised as: “the elegant, attentive and friendly Asian rhyme in the cabin interpreted as reality.” The Singapore Airlines flight attendants, with a lovely English title — SingaporeGirl, they dressed in the famous Paris fashion guru Pierre Barman (PierreBalmain) design, using batik fabric making, outstanding beautiful sarong uniforms (saronkebaya), elegant look and friendly.

Air Aspect 2: The cloud “gluttonous feast.”

According to food experts, the process in the plane, people with taste will be different on the ground, because of changes in air pressure becomes dull, plus space constraints as the machine, there is no room to play chef, so you want to Air travel to enjoy the gluttonous delicious, is not easy, that people have always felt that aviation food does not taste reasons. To compensate for the lack of airline meals, Singapore Airlines will be set back in 1998, the world-renowned chefs, since the formation of the “International Culinary Panel”, designed for passenger well-cooked taste unique, mouth-watering delicious.

After tasting the Kyoto kaiseki cuisine, come back a few slices of selected extra virgin olive oil with a variety of handmade bread, meal a cup of coffee at a selected Singapore Airlines, both from Brazil SantosBour-bon, Colombian Supremo, Kenya AAKilimanjaro or first class exclusive Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, no doubt you will fully mobilize the taste nerves. When you are playing with a French teacher elegantly Givenchy designed exclusively for Singapore Airlines fine bone china and crystal glass, the original boring air travel, it is also a vivid flash it?

TIPS: Those who take from Singapore (Kuala Lumpur, Penang flights excluded) and 13 other international cities (including Amsterdam, Dubai, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Newark, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Taipei) starting flights in First Class, Raffles Business Class passengers can book 24 hours before boarding the plane, “Book the Cook” dishes.

Air Aspect 3: “Charge” fun thick

In the air travel process, in addition to sleep, to see light readings, listening to music outside, what can be done? Airlines to give you the latest fashion’s answer is: “Charge.”

July 2004, Singapore Airlines took the lead in its Los Angeles to New York and the A340-500 is installed on a fully interactive language learning programs, the use of this software, you can fly through the course of the project to learn a new language, by using Key words and phrases, to improve the practical ability to use language, so that when you reach a strange city, you do not have to rely on gesture and body language to other complex exchange.

Currently, Singapore Airlines to provide passengers with 11 kinds of learning languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Russian, Portuguese, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese.

Singapore Airlines flights from Singapore to Bali time

Flight departure date of arrival
SQ 142 0935 1205 1234567
SQ 146 1640 1910 1234567
SQ 148 1900 2130 1234567

  • Singapore Airlines Beijing Office

Address: Beijing Jian Guo Men Wai Avenue One International Trade Building, 8th Floor, Tower 100004
Phone: (010) 65052233 Fax: (010) 65051178
Airport Office
Phone: (010) 64590050-52 Fax: (010) 64590054

  • Singapore Airlines Shanghai Office

Address: Shanghai Kerry Centre 1515 Nanjing West Road, Room 606-608, Shanghai 200040
Phone: (021) 62891000 Fax: (021) 62892000
Airport Office
Phone: (021) 68855018/20 Fax: (021) 68855019

  • Singapore Airlines Guangzhou Office

Address: Guangzhou City Dongshan Plaza 69 Xian Lie Road Rm 510 095 2807-2808
Phone: (020) 87320600 Fax: (020) 87320598
Airport Office
Phone: (020) 86123817 / 8 Fax: (020) 86582385

  • Singapore Airlines Shenzhen Office

Address: 2008 South Road, Shenzhen, People’s Postcode 3007 Shenzhen Kerry Centre, No. 518001
Phone: (020) 87320600 Fax: (020) 87320598
(All booking matters handled by the Guangzhou office uniform)
Airport Office
Tel: (0755) 27504295-97 Fax: (0755) 27504301

  • Singapore Airlines office in Nanjing

Address: No. 2 Hanzhong Road, Nanjing Xin Jie Kou World Trade Center 1761-1764 210005 PRChina
Phone: (021) 62891000 Fax: (021) 62892000
(All booking matters handled by the Shanghai office uniform)
Airport Office
Phone: (025) 52480808-80/83/86 Fax: (025) 52480909

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