Our Terms & Conditions

We have some terms & conditions which should be applied by everybody are listed below:


  • Copyrighted Content: You can copy our given content (information) of airlines, but should not be posted on any website
  • Before Posting a Comment: Under are listed some conditions before posting a comment
  • HTML is allowed but irrelevant or too much links are not allowed.
  • Vulgar or Abuse attribute used in comments are not permitted.
  • Irrelevant comments like “I like it. Thanks for sharing” or “Thanks very much for this information” (which has not even mention the topic) are not allowed.
  • Contact: Do not post a comment on articles (posts) for advertising or publicity if you want to advertise your business then contact us on contact page showing on top at right side, other relevant topics problems such as baggage lost or damage can posted as a comment.