Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance

Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance International

Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance

Now you can check out your Turkish Airlines specific baggage allowance internationally (for USA, UK, Canada, India, South Africa, Europe, Ireland, Turkey, Iran and all other countries).

Checking the Baggage to the last destination:- You are able to check your luggage towards the final location. If you’re varying your ticketed schedule, be sure you to guide the airport adviser just before checking out your baggage. Make sure you request at the switch level if you’ll be capable to gather your baggage on the ultimate vacation spot in accordance to the customized restrictions of that state.

If you don’t receive your baggage upon arrival then please check out lost and found section. Make certain you gather and keep the “property irregularity report”. It is possible to track the position of your baggage by way of the following link.

The free baggage allowance is for USA and Canada.

ClassPieceMaximum weight for each piece Maximum dimensions for each piece
Business Class2 pieces32 kg158 cm
Economy Class2 piecesHighest baggage weight permitting for every item is going to be 23 kg. More than 23kg beneath 32kg might be billed as an excessive baggage. Baggage going above 32kg won’t be well-accepted1. piece 158 cm total measurements of the 1st and the 2nd piece 273 cm
(Age between 0-2)
1 piece +1 piece of completely retractable baby stroller23 kg115 cm

Free baggage allowance of TK direct Filghts from/to North America locations (NYC, WAS, LAX, CHI, YTO) is used as 2 pcs. Free baggage allowance for America Interline Travels consist of other service providers is used as 1 pcs. For Free Baggage Allowance and Excess Baggage Charges information please click.

Class Piece Maximum weight for each piece 
Ekonomy Class2 pieces23 kg
Business Class2 pieces32 kg
First Class2 pieces32 kg
ClassPiece Maximum weight for each piece 
Ekonomy Class2 pieces32 kg
Business Class2 pieces32 kg
First Class2 pieces32 kg



  1. Good day,

    As mention above please clarify, what is the maximum size and how many pieces is allowed to carry for a person on international flight form Europe (Romania) to Singapore with an economy class ticket having max. 40kg mentioned in the ticket using Turkish Airlines 🙂 !

    Tanking you for your support!

  2. What is the size, weight and number allowed in International Economy HAND BAGGAGE for TA flight from India to US?

    Please inform

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